Hi, I'm Azamat.
UI designer who codes. Freelancer. I'm on my way to become a UED (UX) or Product Designer in a large company.
Selected Works
While studying the theory of design thinking and user experience, I really wanted to create a design that reflected one simple idea: the interface of an entire app (even the deepest one) could be contained within the frame of a single screen or scene. This is experimental work and I haven't had any research.
After the failure of this project. It made me realize how many hours I had wasted on something that turned out to be unnecessary. It taught me to be regularly aware of the ratio of the effectiveness of a task to the amount of time spent on it. 😐
My articles
Participation in the start-up competition “StartUp Bolashak”. State scale, but only in Kazakhstan :)
In my past life, even before I became a freelancer, I was a socially active unit of society, as it should be: strong networking, interesting and thoughtful communication, participation in the political life of the city...
How to organize ABn testing through Tag Manager
In fact, the title of this article "ABn testing via Tag Manager" is not fully deployed, because we will actually listen to Google Analytics events from Tag Manager and pull them up as ABn testing targets in Google Optimizer. In other words, we will do multiple ABn-testing via Tag Manager without touching the site code.
JavaScripts for the Internet marketer
To start collecting data for analytics, you usually need to put code on the elements you are interested in. For example, there is some where your customer has to enter data. You need to know if they notice this form right away, if they fill it out or skip over it, if they fill it out correctly, and so on. To find out all this for this tag, you insert analytics code on the event. For example, .

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How do you wake up at six in the morning and not burn out?
About a year ago I had established a small set of rules for myself about how to conduct myself remotely, so as not to burn out and continue to regularly wake up at 6 a.m. while working with countries in different time zones. Over the course of a year, this set of rules was changed, shortened, and supplemented more than once. And after a while this set of rules gradually became permanent, and in order to fix it somehow, rather than keep it in my head, I wrote this article.