Some experimental work with quality Motion Design for sale.

These works are the very beginning of my journey in becoming a UX designer. They reflect my desire to achieve maximum empathy and usability of the interface on touch screens. Without any theoretical knowledge.

I have always believed that it is quite possible to combine the beauty of movement with a useful interface and even complement it. Interactive Animations help to enhance the user experience - this is my policy for building simple and effective interfaces.

Why : While researching the market, I didn't find complex HTML templates with quality Motion Design that could then be edited for reuse.

Objective : Create HTML templates that are easy to edit.

Purpose : To sell the templates on Code Canyon

Result : I created three templates, but they turned out to be too complex to edit. Task failed.
I created detailed instructions for editing in Notion
After the failure of this project. It made me realize how many hours I had wasted on something that turned out to be unnecessary. It taught me to be regularly aware of the ratio of the effectiveness of a task to the amount of time spent on it. 😐